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Why learn Turkish with FunEasyLearn?

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Fun, easy & free

Learn Turkish with the help of the biggest course available on the market. Play reading, listening, writing and speaking games. Progress fast through several difficulty levels and develop excellent communication skills. Subscribe for free with flowers and enjoy every minute of the learning process.

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Scientific approach

At FunEasyLearn, we believe that vocabulary learning is the key to fast and efficient language acquisition. We've developed a unique approach that will teach you faster how to read and write, and will make you review systematically what you've learned.

Learn Turkish from 62 mother tongues
62 mother tongues

Learn Turkish from your mother tongue with FunEasyLearn. Be able to memorize the most useful words and phrases by associating them with their translations into the language you already speak. Enjoy the easiness with which you will learn the new vocabulary, when learning it from your mother tongue.

Discover the world's biggest Turkish course

Turkish alphabet

Learn all the letters and sounds in the alphabetical order. Memorize the vowels and consonants, the uppercase and lowercase letters with different games.

Turkish reading rules

Improve your pronunciation from the very beginning. Learn how to read easily any Turkish word by practicing all the reading rules and their exceptions.

6,000 Turkish words

Build a practical vocabulary. Explore various topics, and learn how to spell and translate the words you need.

5,000 Turkish phrases

Communicate freely in daily situations when travelling or during business discussions by learning Turkish phrases and expressions. We've categorized the most frequently used expressions into more than 120 topics.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

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Hand-drawn illustrations

Learn new words, phrases and expressions by associating them with our colourful hand-drawn illustrations.

Woman listening to Turkish pronunciation
Human pronunciations

Ease the learning process by listening to audio recordings. All the audios were recorded in professional studios by native speakers.

Woman speaking Turkish language
Speech recognition technology

Repeat after the audio, record your pronunciation, listen to yourself speak and work on the aspects that have to be improved.

Learn Turkish faster with games

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Play games

Learn Turkish with the help of 30 easy, but effective games. Enjoy learning how to read, listen, write and speak Turkish, and achieve impressive results.

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Complete levels

Acquire new skills, memorize what you've learned and track your progress. We have categorized the Turkish course into 10 difficulty levels, from beginner to expert. Make learning more efficient by learning small bits of information at a time.

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Earn rewards

Collect flowers and bees for every word or phrase you learn. Use the collected flowers to buy a free subscription and enjoy all the additional features.

Master any difficulty level of Turkish

Turkish for Beginners

Learn the most basic and commonly used words and expressions. Be able to introduce yourself, greet people and tell them where you are from. Our human pronunciations will help you learn how to pronounce any word, and will allow you to focus more on your listening comprehension.

Turkish for Intermediate Learners

Enrich your vocabulary and take your communication skills to a new level with the help of FunEasyLearn. Share your thoughts, discuss your plans and start conversations. Use your newly acquired knowledge in real-life situations and make new friends abroad.

Turkish for Advanced Learners

Improve your pronunciation and speak at a near-native level. Select the appropriate vocabulary, tone and style when speaking or writing. Work on your reading, writing and speaking skills to be able to formulate correctly complex sentences. Speak easily and naturally, pronounce and articulate all the words correctly, like an actual native speaker. Become proficient with FunEasyLearn.

Turkish for Travelling

The useful FunEasyLearn phrasebook is perfect for your travelling experiences. It is designed to cover the most common travel-related situations and will allow you to feel confident when going abroad and talking to the native speakers. Use our reinvented dictionary to book hotel rooms, buy tickets, rent cars and make new friends. Travelling requires efficient vocabulary learning.

Turkish for Business

FunEasyLearn makes learning time-saving and convenient for your business. Our specialized courses were developed by experienced teachers and professional linguists. They've designed easy lessons for restaurant staffs, taxi drivers, shop assistants, flight attendants, etc. Learn Turkish to be able to help your customers, communicate with your guests and assist your clients.

Turkish for Kids

Give your kids the education they deserve. Make learning fun and easy for them. FunEasyLearn uses colourful hand-drawn illustrations, short lessons and intuitive games to motivate the kids of all ages. They will learn the appropriate vocabulary for their level and interests. Help them improve their pronunciation. Let them learn Turkish by learning interesting topics, such as: Numbers, Colours, etc.

Learn what you're interested in

Bee with the Turkish alphabet

Turkish Alphabet

Bee reading Turkish words from a book

Turkish Words

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How to Speak Turkish

Bee learning phrases to communicate with the whole world

Turkish Phrases

Why learn Turkish?

The Turkish language is spoken by 80 million people in over 30 countries, including Germany, where it is the second most spoken language after German itself. Due to its fast-growing economy, Turkey has earned its place on the international business map. The fact that you speak Turkish will open various career opportunities for you in such industries as tourism, technology, energy, as well as the textiles and jewellery businesses. Turkey is one of the most hospitable nations in the world. Learning Turkish will change the way you see the Turkish people and culture. Learning Turkish is important if you're passionate about history, archeology or even anthropology. Turkey is definitely a country you must visit if you like travelling. Istanbul, once Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, is the biggest gem in the crown of Turkey's touristic destinations. Learn Turkish to be able to travel freely, without the fear of not being understood. Visit the most popular touristic spots, such as Pamukkale, Cappadocia, the city of Ephsesus, Mount Nemrut and many others. Do not miss the chance to have a conversation and to bargain in Turkish at the Grand Bazaar. Remember, it is almost rude not to bargain with a salesperson at the "bazaar" in Turkey. By speaking the Turkish language you'll be able to mingle with local people. Once they see that you speak at least a bit of Turkish, they will tell you where to buy the best leather and fur goods, where to taste the most delicious "döner kebab" and "baklava", and where to go if you want to have fun in their city. Learn Turkish to be able to watch the very famous and super popular TV series made in Turkey. Read the Turkish literature in original, and listen to the beautiful Turkish music. Discover the enigmas of the Turkish culture through its language.

Turkish language course for travellingTurkish language course for travelling

Interesting facts about the Turkish language

Some major Turkish dialects

Is less than 100 years old;


Has replaced the Ottoman Turkish non-Latin script;


Uses special characters as "Ç", "Ğ" and "Ü".

Say a lot with fewer words

Turkish is an agglutinative language. In Turkish you can add suffixes to a root word, and say in a single word something that would take a complete sentence to say in English. "Film seyredeceğim" means "I am going to watch a film".

Surprising language family classification

The Oghuz branch is a branch of the Turkic language family;


It includes such languages as Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Qashqai, Uzbek and Proto-Turkic;


Some linguists claim that Turkish is a part of Ural-Altaic family.

Other surprising facts

Turkish has no grammatical gender;


There are no diphthongs in Turkish;


All the verbs are conjugated in the same way, with few exceptions.


Short facts about the modern Turkish alphabet

Cypriot dialect

Represents a blend of the Ottoman Turkish and the Yuruk dialect;


Mutually intelligible with Standard Turkish language;


Has a Subject - Verb - Object structure, as opposed to the Subject - Object - Verb structure in the Standard Turkish language.

Meskhetian dialect

Spoken in Eastern Turkey, on its Asian side by the Meskhetian Turks;


Has borrowed vocabulary units from Azerbaijani, Georgian, Kazakh and Russian;


Heavily influenced by the contact with the countries which were members of the Soviet Union.

Balkan dialects

Introduced to the Balkans by the Ottoman Turks;


Spoken by the Turkish minorities from Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and Romania;


First described in the 20th century and called Rumelian Turkish.

Syrian Turkmen dialect

Developed in the 11th century;


Mostly spoken in in the region of the Turkmen Mountain;


Is an archaic dialect of the Turkish language.


Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn Turkish course

Learn Turkish by memorizing the most common words, phrases and expressions strategically selected and categorized by a team of certified linguists;


Choose the contents you need to learn, mark them as favorites and hide the ones you already know;


Review the vocabulary according to different criteria - the time of learning, the topic it belongs to and the stage of memorization;


Learn all the necessary information about each word - part of speech, gender, number, synonyms, etc.


Memorize the spelling and pronunciation of each word and phrase in particular and associate it with an illustration that is hard to forget. Develop a practical vocabulary with FunEasyLearn!

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