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Why learn Spanish with FunEasyLearn?

Boy learning by playing fun games
30 easy games

Learn how to read, write and speak Spanish by playing a wide variety of fun and easy learning games. FunEasyLearn makes vocabulary acquisition motivating and entertaining for both kids and adults.

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Offline learning

Fit our short interactive lessons into your busy schedule and use the FunEasyLearn app even without an internet connection. Control every step of your learning process and decide when and where to learn Spanish on your own.

Alphabet and beakers
Scientific approach

At FunEasyLearn, we believe that vocabulary learning is the key to fast and efficient language acquisition. We've developed a unique approach that will teach you faster how to read and write, and will make you review systematically what you've learned.

Discover the world's biggest Spanish course

Spanish alphabet

Learn all the letters and sounds with the help of FunEasyLearn. Work on your pronunciation by playing games with all the vowels and consonants.

Spanish reading rules

Play and learn how to read and pronounce any word you need. Memorize all the reading rules and their exceptions.

6,000 Spanish words

Enrich your vocabulary by learning how to spell, pronounce and translate all the words you need in your everyday life.

5,000 Spanish phrases

Communicate freely in daily conversations by learning Spanish phrases and sentences. The most common expressions are categorized into topics in order to make vocabulary learning more efficient and convenient.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

Hand draws with a brush
Hand-drawn illustrations

Learn Spanish by associating 15,000 words and expressions with our beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

Woman listening to Spanish pronunciation
Human pronunciations

Listen to professional audio recordings, made by native speakers, in order to ease the learning process.

Woman speaking Spanish language
Speech recognition technology

Record your pronunciation and improve your accent by focusing on the aspects that require more attention.

Learn Spanish faster with games

Bee learning a language through games
Play games

Enjoy playing our easy, but efficient games, and learn how to read, listen, speak and write in the process. They are designed to help you achieve your learning goals faster.

Bee improving its Spanish and progressing
Complete levels

From beginner to expert - complete 10 difficulty levels, track your progress and analyze your performance. Play more to learn more.

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Earn rewards

Every word or phrase that you learn gives you flowers. Use the flowers you've earned to subscribe for free and unlock all the additional features.

Master any difficulty level of Spanish

Spanish for Beginners

Listen to our professionally recorded human pronunciations of words and expressions, and concentrate on your listening comprehension. Learn Spanish to be able to greet people, introduce yourself and tell where you come from.

Spanish for Intermediate Learners

Communicate easily with the native speakers by developing an impressive vocabulary. Start conversations, discuss your plans and share your thoughts. Make new friends abroad by acquiring new communication skills.

Spanish for Advanced Learners

Choose the right style and tone when speaking or writing, and expand your vocabulary. Use the vocabulary units you already know to communicate freely with the locals, read a book or take part in a business discussion.

Spanish for Travelling

Use the FunEasyLearn phrasebook to feel more confident when going abroad. It contains a wide variety of useful travel-related topics that will allow you to learn how to rent cars, buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms on your own.

Spanish for Business

Learning can be more effective and convenient for your business. Our team of experienced teachers and certified linguists have developed specialized lessons for different markets. These courses are designed to help shop assistants, taxi drivers, restaurant staffs, flight attendants and people of other professions learn Spanish by memorizing the words and phrases they need at work.

Spanish for Kids

Use our easy games and beautiful illustrations to help your kids learn Spanish. FunEasyLearn makes vocabulary acquisition entertaining and motivating for them. Topics such as numbers, colours, plants and animals will allow them to learn according to their age and interests.

Learn what you're interested in

Bee with the Spanish alphabet

Spanish Alphabet

Bee reading Spanish words from a book

Spanish Words

Bee speaking Spanish language from a tribune

How to Speak Spanish

Bee learning phrases to communicate with the whole world

Spanish Phrases

Why learn Spanish?

According to recent statistics, the Spanish language has become the second most spoken language in the world. People learn Spanish for various reasons – career, travelling, etc. Some people just want to know the most romantic language on Earth. Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and others. If you speak Spanish, you can travel to all of them. Knowing the Spanish language will come in handy when reading the menu in a restaurant, asking for help, telling a cab driver where to go or holding a conversation with a local about the next corrida. Furthermore, if you speak Spanish, you can communicate with over 430 million people from all over the world. Spanish has become one of the most important languages of business. There are 40 million people who speak Spanish in the US alone. Knowing it or learning it looks good on any resume, and will make you an eligible candidate in the fields of education, technology, sales, healthcare, and so on. Spanish is ranked as the 3rd most used language on the web. Discovering a new fascinating culture is another reason why you should learn Spanish. You will not only be able to admire the works of Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí and other famous artists, but you will also be able to appreciate the Hispanic literature. Learning Spanish will definitely change your life. You will be able to read in original the remarkable books written by Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel García Marquez, Pablo Neruda and others. Improve your reading skills with good literature. Learn Spanish to discover a new way to see the world. Get acquainted with a unique culture, widely spread on three continents. Travel and communicate freely in at least 25 countries of the world.

Spanish language course for travellingSpanish language course for travelling

Fun facts about the Spanish language

The letters "B" and "V" sound the same

Even though "B" and "V" are quite distinct in other languages, the two letters sound the same in Spanish. This means that "basta" (enough) and "vasta" (vast) are homophones.

It is heavily influenced by Arabic

Spanish is a Romance language, but it's strongly influenced by Arabic. For instance, the word "ojalá", which means "I wish", derives from the Arabic /wa sha Allah/, which translates as "If Allah wills".

Spanish grammar is governed by an official administration

The Real Academia Española is an institution in Spain that keeps tabs on the language and provides official guidelines for its usage. It was founded in 1713 and is responsible for adding new corrections to the dictionary.

The USA will have more Spanish speakers than Spain & Mexico

The number of Spanish speakers in the United States is constantly growing. In fact, by 2050, experts estimate that the United States will contain more native Spanish speakers than any other country in the world. Yes, including Spain and Mexico.


Some major Spanish dialects

Castilian dialect

Spain is home to almost 45 million Spanish speakers, most of whom speak the Castilian dialect. This term applies to the official Spanish language. It's spoken in northern and central Spain.

Andalusian dialects

These dialects are spoken in southern Spain and are the most popular ones after Castilian. The Andalusian dialects are known for "eating" the letter "d", so words like "helado" (ice cream) are pronounced more like "helao".

Caribbean dialects

The Caribbean Spanish dialects are spoken in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. In the English-speaking world, the Caribbean Spanish dialects may be familiar because of the popularity of singers and rappers, such as Pitbull or Daddy Yankee.

Llanito dialect

The Spanish language originated in Spain. Today, however, most people who speak Spanish reside outside of it. Some of them far away from Spain, and the other right near it. For instance, the Llanito dialect is spoken in the region of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a combination of Spanish and British English.


Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn Spanish course

Learn Spanish quickly by exploring a wide variety of listening, writing and speaking games to make learning more motivating;


Improve your learning experience by choosing the contents you need, marking them as favorites and hiding the ones you already know;


Review the vocabulary from the Spanish course according to different criteria - the time of learning, the topic it belongs to and the memorization stage;


Learn all the basic information about each word - part of speech, gender, number, synonyms, etc. Memorize fast the spelling and pronunciation of each word and phrase in particular, and associate it with an illustration that is hard to forget;


Develop a practical vocabulary of useful words, phrases and expressions with FunEasyLearn and use them in real-life situations.

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