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Why learn Korean with FunEasyLearn?

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Fun, easy & free

Learn Korean with the help of reading, listening, writing and speaking games. Develop great communication skills by mastering several difficulty levels. Use the flowers you've earned to subscribe for free and make your learning experience exciting and motivating.

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Smart review system

The FunEasyLearn review system will allow you to memorize easily every word and phrase you've learned. Make learning more effective by reviewing all the contents before you forget them. Learning Korean has never been so efficient yet.

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Scientific approach

FunEasyLearn was developed by professional linguists and experienced teachers. Our main objective is to simplify the vocabulary learning process. It has been proven that our approach to teaching will help anyone learn how to read, listen, write and speak Korean.

Discover the world's biggest Korean course

6,000 Korean words

Be able to spell and translate the words that you need every day. Our fun and easy games will help you learn and memorize quickly the useful Korean vocabulary.

5,000 Korean phrases

Use everything you've learned in various daily conversations. More than 120 topics include the most frequently used phrases and expressions from the Korean language.

11,000 illustrations

Our visual aids will speed up the learning process. Our intuitive illustrations and gifs will make vocabulary learning more interesting and effortless.

11,000 transliterations

Start reading and speaking from the very first day thanks to the FunEasyLearn transliteration technology that transforms the characters of the Korean language into Latin characters.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

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Hand-drawn illustrations

Make learning entertaining for both kids and adults with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

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Human pronunciations

Be able to pronounce any word or phrase with the help of our audios recorded by native speaking voice actors.

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Speech recognition technology

Record your pronunciation using the FunEasyLearn Speech Recognition system, get feedback and improve your accent.

Learn Korean faster with games

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Play games

Learn Korean with the help of our easy and efficient learning games. Get fast results, and be able to read, listen, write and speak Korean. Work on your pronunciation and acquire new communication skills while playing.

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Complete levels

Develop new skills, memorize what you've learned and track your progress. The more FunEasyLearn games you play, the more learning goals you achieve. Learning will be more efficient if you complete all the difficulty levels from beginner to expert.

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Earn rewards

Collect flowers and bees for every word or phrase you learn. Use the collected flowers to buy a free subscription, and enjoy all the additional features.

Master any difficulty level of Korean

Korean for Beginners

Learn the most frequently used words and sentences. Be able to greet people, introduce yourself and ask questions. Pronounce correctly every word and expression. Focus more on your listening comprehension with the help of our professional audio recordings.

Korean for Intermediate Learners

Improve your pronunciation. Use the FunEasyLearn app to take your communication skills to a new level. Build up a solid vocabulary by learning Korean every day, and communicate freely with other people who speak the Korean language. Be able to share your thoughts and discuss your plans.

Korean for Advanced Learners

Choose the right words when reading, writing or speaking. Keep up with any conversation and discuss any topic. Communicate easily with the native speakers and use your knowledge in real-life situations.

Korean for Travelling

Enjoy your journeys with a handy phrasebook which contains a wide range of travel-related topics, designed to ease your travelling experiences anywhere you go. Be able to speak, make reservations, rent cars, get and give directions, find friends, and make yourself understood when travelling without a guide.

Korean for Business

Learning can be more effective and convenient for your business. Our team of experienced teachers and certified linguists have developed specialized lessons for different business markets. These courses are designed to help shop assistants, taxi drivers, restaurant staffs, flight attendants and people of other professions learn Korean by memorizing the words and phrases they need at work.

Korean for Kids

Use our intuitive illustrations and easy games to make learning even more motivating for your kids. The topics Numbers, Colors, Animals, etc. will allow your kids to develop a practical vocabulary. They will be learning the appropriate vocabulary for their age interests and abilities.

Learn what you're interested in

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Korean Course

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Korean Words

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How to Speak Korean

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Korean Phrases

Why learn Korean?

Korean is the official language of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is spoken by more than 75 million people around the world. The importance of the Korean language in the modern business world is unquestionable, as well as the influence of South Korea on the modern economy. South Korea is one of Asia's most productive economies. It is ranked the 12th largest economy in the world. Learn Korean if you want to get an education or work in Korea. It is home to many large multinational companies, such as LG, Samsung and Hyundai. Learning Korean can be challenging. It is regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, you should know that Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is very simple and can be learned in less than an hour. Learn Korean and its unique pronunciation, by practicing every day. The Korean culture is an amazing blend of the modern and the traditional. Learn Korean to enjoy a fascinating entertainment industry, with millions of followers throughout the whole world. The country also offers a lot more in technology, architecture and cuisine. Be able to express your thoughts. Communicate freely when you are in Seoul, Busan or Incheon. Ask the locals where is the best place to taste the "김치" /kimchi/ and "삼계탕" /samgyetang/. Travel without being afraid not to be understood. By learning Korean, you will be able to understand all the famous Korean dramas and movies that are so popular nowadays. Learn Korean to understand the lyrics of the songs of your K-pop idols and know exactly what they are saying during their interviews. Read the Korean literature, discover the Korean lifestyle, and get a bit closer to its rich culture.

Korean language course for travellingKorean language course for travelling

Fun facts about the Korean language

No certain language family

According to the Southern theory, Korean belongs to the Austronesian language family;


According to the Northern theory, Korean is a member of the Altaic language family.

Hangul alphabet

One of the youngest alphabets in the world;


Can be learned in less than 90 minutes;


Brilliantly designed - the shape of letters mimics the position of the tongue.

Two counting systems

Native Korean System - used for all numbers under 99 for objects, time, distance, dates and age;


Chinese System - used for numbers over 100.

North Korean slowly becomes a separate language

North Korean doesn't have borrowings. For this, and many other reasons, even some of the most common words are translated differently. If you look up "computer", "ice-cream", "rainbow" or even "friend" in a dictionary written in South Korea and another one written in North Korea, you will see different translations.

Some major Korean dialects

Gyeonggi dialect

Widely spoken in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, including Seoul and Incheon;


Considered the standardized form of the Korean language;


Spoken on TV, radio and the news;


Generally understood by everyone.

Jeju language

Spoken in the Jeju Province by the older generation;


There are 5,000 - 10,000 speakers;


Added to the Atlas of the World's Languages;


Critically endangered. May be extinct within 2 to 4 decades.

Koryo-mar dialect

Spoken by Koryo-saram, the Korean diaspora from the former Soviet Union;


Counts over 200,000 speakers from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan;


Speakers don't understand Standard Korean well;


Most of Koryo-saram speak Russian as the first language.

Gyeongsang dialect

Widely spoken in Busan, Daegu, and Ulsan cities;


Native to over 10 million speakers;


Maintains the Middle Korean tones, otherwise lost in Standard Korean;


Has some unique vocabulary units.


Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn Korean course

Learn the basic Korean words and phrases, use them in daily situations;


Memorize every vocabulary unit you've learned with the help of our unique review system;


Hide the contents you don't want to learn or the ones you already know, and add the ones you need to your list of favourites;


Learn any Korean word or sentence by associating it with our colourful hand-drawn illustrations;


Enjoy playing our easy learning games and make your vocabulary learning experience motivating and efficient.

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