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Why learn French with FunEasyLearn?

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Fun & free learning

Track your progress, collect flowers for every correct answer and subscribe for free. Unlock new levels of words and phrases, explore new features and learn French every day. Make your learning even more interesting.

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30 easy games

Play a wide variety of fun and easy games to learn French. Be able to easily read, write and speak by playing offline. FunEasyLearn proves that language learning can be motivating for both kids and adults.

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Smart review system

The FunEasyLearn review system will allow you to memorize easily every word and phrase you’ve learned. Review your knowledge and make vocabulary learning even more effective. Learning French has never been so efficient.

Discover the world’s biggest French course

French alphabet

Learn all the letters and sounds with the help of smart learning games. Learn the correct pronunciation of all the French vowels and consonants.

French reading rules

Practice all the reading rules and their exceptions, improve your pronunciation from the very beginning and learn how to read easily any word.

6,000 French words

Learn and memorize quickly the useful French vocabulary. FunEasyLearn teaches you to pronounce, spell and translate the words you need in everyday situations.

5,000 French phrases

Learn French phrases and expressions. We’ve categorized the most frequently used expressions into more than 120 topics. Communicate freely when travelling, during business discussions and in daily situations.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

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Hand-drawn illustrations

Make learning entertaining for both kids and adults with the help of our beautiful and intuitive hand-drawn illustrations.

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Human pronunciations

Listen to crystal-clear audios made by native French speakers in professional recording studios.

Woman speaking French language
Speech recognition technology

Repeat after the audio, record your pronunciation, listen to yourself speak and work on the aspects that have to be improved.

Learn French faster with games

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Play games

Learn how to read, write and speak French by playing 30 free and easy games. Reading, writing, listening and speaking games suitable for all the learners - from beginner to expert.

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Complete levels

Track your progress, acquire new skills and memorize what you’ve learned. You will achieve more learning goals by playing more FunEasyLearn games. Complete all difficulty levels - from beginner to expert and make vocabulary learning even more efficient for you.

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Earn rewards

Use the flowers you’ve earned to buy hints, subscribe for free and unlock additional features. Have a fulfilling experience while learning a foreign language with FunEasyLearn.

Master any difficulty level of French

French for Beginners

Be able to greet people, introduce yourself and tell where you are from by learning the most frequently used words, phrases and sentences. Use our professionally recorded human pronunciations to focus more on your listening comprehension.

French for Intermediate Learners

Develop an impressive vocabulary and communicate easily with the native speakers. Be able to share your thoughts, discuss your plans and start conversations. Acquire new communication skills and make new acquaintances abroad.

French for Advanced Learners

Expand your vocabulary and choose the right style and tone when speaking or writing. Communicate freely with the native speakers by using the vocabulary that you already know.

French for Travelling

Feel more confident when going abroad by using the FunEasyLearn phrasebook. It includes a wide selection of useful travel-related topics. Book hotel rooms, rent cars and buy plane tickets on your own.

French for Business

Make language learning more convenient and time-saving for your business with FunEasyLearn. Our specialized business courses were developed to help taxi drivers, shop assistants, restaurant staffs, flight attendants and people of other professions learn fast the basic French words and expressions used in their field.

French for Kids

Use our easy games and intuitive illustrations to help your kids expand their French vocabulary and acquire new communication skills. Help them learn according to their age interests and learning abilities. Colours, numbers, body parts - choose a dictionary for kids with the right topics.

Learn what you’re interested in

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French Alphabet

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French Words

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How to Speak French

Bee learning phrases to communicate with the whole world

French Phrases

Why learn French?

French is spoken by 275 million people on all the continents of the world. It is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. French is taught on every continent, being the second most widely learned language after English. It is also the official language of 29 countries. Knowing the French language allows you to call yourself a world citizen, as it comes in handy when travelling to Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Haiti, West Africa and even the Seychelles. Learn French to get the chance to work in many commercial services, such as luxury goods, winemaking, aeronautics, automotive, etc. Learning French opens up new career opportunities, as it unlocks the hiring potential of the fifth biggest economy of the world. Learn French and make your travelling more enjoyable. Get valuable insights of the mentality, lifestyle and culture of France. Discover some top world touristic destinations: Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Cannes, etc. Speak with the locals, ask them about the best wine around. Tell them you want to taste the best croissant in town. Start a conversation about poetry. The French culture has an immense cultural heritage. The French language opens the gateway to an immense universe of literature, music, movies, fashion, plastic arts, culinary, theater, architecture and much more. Read in original the books of Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Charles Baudelaire, Molière, Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. Become inspired by the works of 17 Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature who wrote in French. Reveal the romantic side of you, learn French - the universal language of love. People who want to speak French may find it difficult to get used to its pronunciation, in comparison with other Romance languages. Boost your brain power, concentration, multitasking skills, perception and keep your memory sharp, as learning French is scientifically proven to enhance your overall intelligence. Bonne Chance!

French language course for travellingFrench language course for travelling

Fun facts about the French culture

The First Screening of a Film

The brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière from France invented the "cinématographe";


In 1895, at Salon Indien du Grand Café, they have shown ten video clips to the public.

The First to Use Camouflage

The first major use of camouflage in war came in World War I, when France became the first army to use it in battle;


The term "camoufleur" originally meant a person serving in a World War I French military camouflage unit.

The Shortest Reign of a Monarch

France holds the record for the shortest reign of a monarch;


In 1830, Louis XIX was the king of France and Navarre for less than 20 minutes.

The French "Bon Ton"

You should always bring flowers in even numbers in France;


The French people pay a lot of attention to table manners and table setting.


Top dialects of the French language

Parisian French

Represents the Standard French language spoken and taught around the world;


Tends to absorb English words.

Belgian French

Spoken by almost half of the population of Belgium;


Strongly influenced by Dutch.

Canadian French

Spoken by 70.2 million or 20.6% of the Canadian population;


There are several varieties of Canadian French: Acadian, Quebec, New England, Brayon, Newfoundland, etc.

African French

Spoken by 430 million people in Africa, across 29 francophone countries;


There are 4 major African French varieties: spoken in West and Central Africa, Northwest Africa, Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean.


Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn French course

Learn the most common words, phrases and expressions strategically selected and categorized by our team of certified linguists;


Choose the contents you need to learn, mark them as favorites and hide the ones you already know;


Revise the vocabulary according to different criteria - the time of learning, the topic it belongs to and the memorization stage;


Learn all the necessary information about each word - part of speech, gender, number, synonyms, etc. Memorize the spelling and pronunciation of each word and phrase in particular and associate it with an illustration that is hard to forget;


Develop a practical vocabulary with FunEasyLearn and use it in real-life situations.

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