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Why learn American English with FunEasyLearn?

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Fun, easy & free

Play our fun and easy reading, listening, writing and speaking games to learn American English. Complete all the difficulty levels and develop great communication skills. Subscribe for free by using the flowers you've earned and make language learning even more motivating.

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Offline learning

Control every step of your learning process by deciding when and where to learn American English. You can use the FunEasyLearn app everywhere you go, because it doesn't require an internet connection. Fit our short interactive lessons into your everyday schedule and practice anytime you want.

Alphabet and beakers
Scientific approach

The learning program of the FunEasyLearn app was developed by experienced teachers and professional linguists. Their main goal is to make vocabulary acquisition more accessible and entertaining. Our unique approach to language teaching will help you learn how to read, listen, write and speak effortlessly and in no time.

Discover the world's biggest American English course

English Alphabet

Play games with vowels and consonants, and uppercase and lowercase letters. Learn letters and sounds in the alphabetical order and improve your pronunciation.

English reading rules

Learn how to read from the very beginning. Practice all the reading rules and their exceptions. FunEasyLearn will help you read any word or phrase in English.

6,000 American English words

Learn the proper pronunciation and meaning of the most useful words. Play games, explore topics and review what you've learned to memorize the pronunciation, spelling and translation of any word.

5,000 American English phrases

Learn English phrases and expressions, and communicate freely in daily situations, when travelling abroad and even during business discussions. FunEasyLearn has categorized the most common sentences into topics to make learning more convenient.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

Hand-drawn illustrations
Hand-drawn illustrations

Learn English by associating all the words and phrases with our colorful hand-drawn illustrations and gifs.

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Human pronunciations

Learn how to pronounce any word and phrase with the help of our audios recorded by native speaking voice actors.

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Speech recognition technology

Repeat after the audio recordings made by native speakers. Get feedback by listening to the recordings you've made. Work on your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Learn British English with FunEasyLearn

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Learn American English faster with games

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Play games

Enjoy learning how to read, write and speak English by playing 30 games. Improve your pronunciation and your communication skills. Learning is free, fast and easy with FunEasyLearn.

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Complete levels

Complete all the difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, and achieve more learning goals by playing more games. Track your progress, memorize what you've learned and acquire new skills. Make vocabulary learning even more effective.

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Earn rewards

Collect flowers and bees for every correct answer. Subscribe for free and unlock new features by using the flowers you've earned.

Master any difficulty level of American English

American English for Beginners

Learn the most basic and commonly used words and expressions. Be able to introduce yourself, greet people and tell them where you are from. Our human pronunciations will help you learn how to pronounce any word fast and will allow you to focus more on your listening comprehension.

American English for Intermediate Learners

Take your communication skills to a new level by building up a solid American English vocabulary. Be able to start conversations, discuss your plans and share your thoughts. Make new acquaintances abroad and use your vocabulary in real-life situations.

American English for Advanced Learners

Communicate easily with the native speakers by expanding your vocabulary. Choose the right style and tone when speaking or writing. Discuss on any topic and keep up with any conversation.

American English for Travelling

Use the FunEasyLearn phrasebook to feel more confident when going abroad. It is developed to help you in the most common travelling situations. Rent cars, book hotel rooms and buy plane tickets on your own.

American English for Business

FunEasyLearn makes language learning time-saving and convenient for your business. Our specialized courses were developed by experienced teachers and professional linguists. They've designed easy lessons for restaurant staffs, taxi drivers, shop assistants, flight attendants, etc. Learn English to be able to help your customers, communicate with your guests and assist your clients.

American English for Kids

Use our intuitive illustrations and easy games to make learning even more motivating for your kids. The topics Numbers, Colors, Animals, etc. will allow your kids to develop a practical vocabulary. They will be learning the appropriate vocabulary for their age interests and abilities.

Learn what you're interested in

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English Alphabet

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American English Words

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How to Speak American English

Bee learning phrases to communicate with the whole world

American English Phrases

Why learn American English?

Over the decades, the "Americanization" movement has been spreading all over the world. There are almost 2 billion people who speak English as a native, second or foreign language. With 375 million native English speakers, American English is spoken by almost 70% of them. American English is the most widespread variant of the English language. It is the language of the internet, business, science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism. Plus, it is the language of Hollywood. Learning American English could be a life changing decision. The sheer fact that you know American English will open up big career and business opportunities. You'll be able not only to find work abroad, but also get a good job in a multinational company, in the country you live in. Learn American English to change your life. If you at least speak it, there is no place on Earth you cannot travel to. Learn American English to open up a world of education and entertainment. Read the books of Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway and many other famous writers, in the language they were written. Be able to access more than a half of the content on the internet. Study with the help of 80% of the academic papers and journals of the world, that are not translated into other languages. People's desire of learning is also driven by the countless movies, cartoons, TV shows and songs in American English. Enjoy watching everything you like without translations. America is one of the world's most visited countries. With good understanding and communication skills you can have amazing travelling experiences when visiting New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C. and so on. Speak English with the native speakers. Be able to carry out a conversation and share your impressions in this language. Learn American English to feel connected to the world.

American English language course for travellingAmerican English language course for travelling

Fun facts about the American English language

Borrowings from different languages

"Coriander" (British English, derived from French) and "cilantro" (American English, derived from Spanish);


"Aubergine" (British, derived from Arabic) and "eggplant" (American, was called so because it looks like a purple egg).

Words rarely encountered in American English

The modal verb "shall" will typically be replaced with "will" or "should";


The modal verb "needn't" will be replaced in most of the cases with "don't need to";


The preposition "amongst" will definitely be replaced with the shorter form "among".

Different tense usage

American English speakers tend to use Past Simple instead of Present Perfect, while British English speakers differentiate the two, and use them accordingly even in the spoken language.
British: I've just had lunch.
American: I just had lunch.

Basic vocabulary differences

ladybird- ladybug
lift - elevator
lorry - truck
nappies - diapers
petrol - gasoline
trousers - pants
underground - subway
football - soccer


Spelling in American English

American spelling was invented for practical reasons

American and British spellings are so different, because the Americans wanted to simplify the original spelling. The first man to make those changes was Noah Webster. He is considered the Father of American Scholarship and Education and an English language spelling reformer.

Spelling differences

The ending "-ise" was replaced with "-ize";


The words that have French roots, and end in "-our" in British English end in "-or" in American English;


Other words that come from French and end in "-re" in British English end in "-er" in American English.

Doubling the consonant

The rules of British spelling say that the verbs ending in a vowel + "l", double the "l" when adding endings that begin with a vowel. The American spelling does not double the consonant "l".
British - American
travel - travel
travelled - traveled
travelling - traveling
traveller - traveler

Other examples

British - American
aluminium - aluminum
doughnut - donut
draught - draft
plough - plow
ageing - aging
programme - program


Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn American English course

Associate each word and sentence you are learning from the American English course with a colorful hand-drawn illustration;


Learn the basic phrases and sentences that you'll be able to use later in real-life situations;


Choose the units you need, mark them as favorites and hide the ones that you already know;


Revise what you've learned with the help of the smart Review Manager;


Use our learning games to make your vocabulary acquisition efficient and motivating.

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