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FunEasyLearn is a free and offline language learning app that focuses on vocabulary building. We offer 34 extensive language courses that can be learned from 62 native languages.At FunEasyLearn we approach language learning through science and gamification. The learning experience adjusts to each user's personal interests, knowledge level, and learning abilities. The app's variety of content & features allows it to be used for individual needs, but also at schools, as well as for corporate language training.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Making language learning accessible to everyone in the world.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Creating an app that would be useful for all types of language learners.

Our Heritage
Our Heritage

Maintaining a platform with the most extensive number of language combinations.


Our Story


The co-founders of the FunEasyLearn company, Diana and Andrian Andronic, have managed to form a highly-professional team that helped them build what FunEasyLearn is today – an advanced vocabulary builder with 10 levels and 34 language courses that can be learned from 62 native languages. More than 10 languages out of this list are still covered just by FunEasyLearn. Also, Diana and Andrian are very keen on making the language learning process fast, easy and fun, so FunEasyLearn presents the widest variety of features on the market.

Our Community

Our community of learners, or as we call them "FunEasyLearners", is widely spread around the globe. The FunEasyLearn app is downloaded and used in more than 190 countries of the world. People of different cultural backgrounds and ages use FunEasyLearn, as a tool that helps them feel like a significant part of a worldwide community of language learners!

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Our Team

The FunEasyLearn app offers the widest variety of language combinations and the amplest courses on the market. And it was made by a team of young and resourceful professionals: linguists, content managers, creative writers, developers, and designers.The FunEasyLearn team has also built trusting long-term relationships with outsourced linguists, translators, and voice actors from more than 60 countries of the world.

Our Projects

32 alphabets

32 alphabets

5 sets of reading rules

5 sets of reading rules

6,000 words

6,000 words

5,000 sentences

5,000 sentences

language courses
native languages
hand-drawn illustrations
audio recordings

Our Achievements

2021 Top 100 Russia & CIS Edtech
Huawei HMS 2020 Best Social Impact Award
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