About FunEasyLearn

FunEasyLearn is a free and offline language learning platform with an impressive number of supported languages. We offer ample courses in 34 languages, like English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and so on. At FunEasyLearn, we use science and game-based methods throughout the entire process of content development. The learning experience adjusts to the personal interests, knowledge level and learning abilities of every user in particular. Each course is taught from 62 mother tongues.

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Our mission

We’re on a mission to bring all languages under one roof.

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Our vision

We are eager to teach everyone a foreign language for a better life.

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Our legacy

We offer courses that can teach 95% of the world population a foreign language.


Accessible worldwide

At FunEasyLearn, we believe an educated world is a better world. FunEasyLearn makes language learning accessible through technology. This way people from any continent can get the same quality of education. Even if there are apps which cover roughly the main 18 languages spoken by half of the world, more than 40% of the children worldwide still can’t learn a new language from the language they speak. At least 20 out of 62 mother tongues provided by our app, are supported only by FunEasyLearn. In this way, FunEasyLearn becomes the only language learning solution for the people who have limited access to education or who can’t afford to pay for language courses. All they need is a smartphone, the rest is already provided. FunEasyLearn offers ample courses which can be used offline. We provide courses that are three times bigger than the others on the market. Our courses are available for free (Beginner Level), with a Free Subscription (All Levels) or with a Premium Subscription (All Levels + Premium Features).


High-quality courses

All of our courses were entirely created by a team of certified linguists and acting teachers, who use machine learning and cognitive science methods and techniques to help people boost quickly their vocabulary with 15,000 words and phrases. With FunEasyLearn learners get unlimited access to an extensive library of 350 topics, 30 effective games (that cover the four main skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing) and 11,000 hand-drawn illustrations.

High-quality courses

Fun & easy learning

Knowing the secrets to successful language teaching, FunEasyLearn turns language learning into a game. Besides learning from effective games, learners will be able to practice at their own pace and stay motivated by the detailed feedback on their goals, achievements and drawbacks. In this way, they will acquire a new language the fastest way possible.

Fun & easy learning

Human pronunciations

Listening is the foundation of speaking. That is why our courses are developed with professional voice actors. Our learners have access to high-quality recordings made by native speakers, that will help them develop their pronunciation skills. And they can also learn how to speak from a wide range of transcriptions and transliterations.

Human pronunciations


You’re in good hands. With such a powerful team of brainy developers, certified linguists, inventive designers and illustrators, smart content managers, talented copywriters and prompt customer support, there is no doubt why FunEasyLearn has easily become the only chance for millions of people worldwide to learn a language the fun and easy way.

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