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Learn 34 languages from your mobile

At home

Add new words and phrases to your long-term memory by learning effortlessly on your couch.

On your way

Learn a new language on your way to work, school, etc. Maintain your streak by playing a few minutes every day.

During breaks

Complete your daily goal or monitor your progress when you got a spare minute.

When travelling

Speak confidently in any situation that might arise when travelling abroad. Book a room, order food, rent a car, etc.

FunEasyLearn top features

5-minute practice

Learn 5 words in 5 minutes. You can easily integrate such a short lesson into your busy schedule.

Personalized learning

Synchronize your learning progress across multiple mobile devices and continue your practice from where you've left off.

Smart review manager

Make sure the information you've learned is stored in your long-term memory with our systematic review algorithm.

Speech recognition

Develop excellent communication skills and accurate pronunciation in your target language.

Why learn languages with FunEasyLearn?

15,000 words & phrases

Develop an impressive vocabulary consisting of many practical words and phrases you can use in any situation.

62 native languages

Each course is taught from a language you understand, ranging from the widely-spoken German or French to the less-spoken popular Urdu or Bulgarian.

Hand-drawn illustrations

Associate quickly the meaning and the context of each word and phrase with a beautiful hand-drawn illustration.

Human pronunciations

Listen to professional voice actors, repeat after them and improve your accent.

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