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Why learn English with FunEasyLearn?

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Fun, easy & free

Master the biggest English course by playing reading, listening, writing and speaking games. Progress fast through several difficulty levels and develop excellent communication skills. Subscribe for free with flowers🌸 and enjoy every minute of the learning process.

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Offline learning

Choose when and where to learn English and have a complete control over your learning process. Use the most efficient language learning app everywhere you go, with no internet connection. Practice on a daily basis and fit easily the English lessons into your busy schedule.

Alphabet and beakers
Scientific approach

Our effective topic-to-topic method is based on a manual categorization and strategic selection of each vocabulary unit. It will make anyone a proficient reader, listener, writer and speaker of the English language.

Discover the world’s biggest English course

English alphabet

Learn letters and sounds in the alphabetical order with 2,000 easy words. Practice vowels and consonants, uppercase and lowercase letters with different games.

English reading rules

Improve your pronunciation from the very beginning. Learn how to read easily any English word by practicing all the reading rules and their exceptions.

6,000 English words

Memorize the English words that are relevant to you and your needs. Learn easily the pronunciation, spelling and translation of each word with the help of smart games.

5,000 English phrases

Communicate efficiently by learning useful English phrases and expressions, used in daily conversations, travelling situations, business communication, etc.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

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Hand-drawn illustrations

Make learning entertaining for both kids and adults with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

Woman listening to English pronunciation
Human pronunciations

Listen to a crystal-clear English pronunciation recorded by professional voice actors.

Woman speaking English language
Speech recognition technology

Record your pronunciation, analyze the feedback and work on the aspects that have to be improved.

Learn American English with FunEasyLearn

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Learn English faster with games

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Play games

Enjoy learning English by playing games. Improve your English reading, listening, writing, speaking skills, as well as your pronunciation. Practice with the help of efficient and proven games, designed by acting teachers. Make English learning fast and fun.

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Complete levels

Start learning English as a beginner and finish as an expert. The more you play, the more learning goals you can accomplish. Advance quickly through several difficulty levels. Monitor your progress and review everything you learn before you forget it.

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Earn rewards

Take the boring out the lessons. Play games and earn rewards. Collect flowers and bees and subscribe for free. Take exams and win your place on the leaderboard. Change your status and complete your FunEasyLearn user profile with amazing results.

Master any difficulty level of English

English for Beginners

Start learning the basic and elementary English words, phrases and expressions used in daily conversations. Focus on vocabulary memorization, by listening to audio recordings and pronunciation practice. Be able to introduce yourself, greet someone, make orders in a restaurant or say where you live and what your interests are.

English for Intermediate Learners

Become an independent user of the English language. Develop great communication skills and put them into practice with native English speakers. Pronounce each word or expression clearly and provide simple and coherent answers about your experiences, wishes, aspirations or plans.

English for Advanced Learners

Select the appropriate vocabulary, tone and style when speaking or writing. Build complex sentences from the vocabulary you already know. Speak easily and naturally on less familiar topics. Become proficient with FunEasyLearn!

English for Travelling

Enjoy your journeys with a handy phrasebook which contains a wide range of travel-related topics, expertly designed to ease your travelling experiences everywhere you go. Be able to speak: make reservations, rent cars, get and give directions, make friends, and make yourself understood when travelling without a guide.

English for Business

Make learning easy and time-saving for your business. Get access to specialized courses for taxi drivers, hotel and restaurant staffs, flight attendants, shop sellers, etc., designed by our language experts. Develop elementary and basic English speaking skills in no time. Make the communication efficient by improving your pronunciation and enhancing your vocabulary.

English for Kids

Boost the vocabulary, pronunciation and linguistic skills of your child. With FunEasyLearn, kids will get access to a varied vocabulary, colorful illustrations and easy games adjusted to their age, level, and learning ability. They will learn and revise repeatedly the practical vocabulary chosen according to their age interests - numbers, colors, body parts, clothes, animals, etc.

Learn what you’re interested in

Bee with the English alphabet

English Alphabet

Bee reading English words from a book

English Words

Bee speaking English language from a tribune

How to Speak English

Bee learning phrases to communicate with the whole world

English Phrases

Why learn English?

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five individuals or 1.5 billion people worldwide already speak the English language and another billion is in the process of learning it. English is the language of business, it leads people to new career opportunities, increases their earnings, and simplifies the process of studying abroad. Knowing English, you can start working from anywhere in the world and become an attractive candidate for any job. You can hold a conversation with both native and non- native speakers. You can pitch or market great products and ideas to the English-speaking companies, and even interact easily with other people at international conferences and events. It’s a well-known fact that 60 out of 196 countries have English as an official language, so knowing how to speak it changes your travelling experience forever. Feel more confident when interacting with the local people, booking accommodations, expressing your ideas coherently when talking about your interests, skills and making friends all over the world. English gives you access to limitless entertainment. Watch some of the world’s greatest movies without dubbing. Repeat after your favorite characters and even speak in movie quotes. Watch international television or news which is broadcasted faster and more professionally in English. Explore the 55% of the world’s webpages and get high-quality education supported remotely, by using modern technologies and innovations. Learn English and get access to plenty of useful knowledge. Read in original some of the greatest English literary works and rediscover them in new ways. Find the necessary literature on any subjects. Understand the articles written in the best universities of the world. Unlike other languages, English can be practiced anywhere in the world. The English language is a gateway for making anything global, since it is the language of the internet, science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism.

English language course for travellingEnglish language course for travelling

Fun facts about the English language

The English of the future

The mainstream online acronyms are often added to top English Dictionaries.
LOL "Laugh Out Loud"
OMG "Oh My God"

The English "Goodbye"

is derived from Early Modern English and originally meant
"God Be with You"

A headache for the poets

None of these words rhyme.

The "Englisher" English

William Barnes, a poet and a minister, wanted to remove the words with Greek and Latin roots and replace them with pure English words.
photograph - sunprint
democracy - folkdom
dictionary - word-book
anniversary - year-day
negative - naysome


Types of British accents

Yorkshire accent

Widely spoken in the Yorkshire county;


Influenced by the Vikings;


"How are you?" becomes "How do?";


Represented in such literary works as "Wuthering Heights" and "The Secret Garden".

Cockney accent

Spoken in London East End;


Considered as the accent of the all working-class Londoners in the 19th century;


Made famous by G. B. Shaw in "Pygmalion";


Often slangy: "to rabbit" means "to talk";
"nuclear sub" means "pub".

Mancunian accent

Most commonly spoken in the city of Manchester;


Considered extremely similar to the Leeds accent;


Less "heavy" than the neighboring Lancashire and Cheshire accents;


Strong example of the accent can be heard spoken by Noel Gallagher from the rock band Oasis.

Scouse accent

Spoken in Liverpool & known as Merseyside English;


The most recognizable English accent;


Recognized as the accent of The Beatles.

Geordie accent

Commonly Spoken in Newcastle;


Had a working-class background;


Known as the most attractive accent in England;


Well-known as the accent of the AC⚡DC frontman Brian Johnson.

Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Ideas how to learn English course

Learn the most common English words, phrases and expressions strategically selected and categorized by a team of certified linguists;


Choose the contents you need to learn, mark them as favorites and hide the ones you already know;


Review the vocabulary according to different criteria - the time of learning, the topic it belongs to and the memorization stage. This way you will never forget a thing you’ve learned;


Learn all the necessary information about each word - part of speech, gender, number, synonyms, etc. Memorize the spelling and pronunciation of each word and phrase in particular and associate it with an illustration that is hard to forget;


Develop a practical vocabulary with FunEasyLearn and use it in real-life situations.

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