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Learn every day, track your progress, pass all the difficulty levels, collect flowers for each correct answer and subscribe for free.

Fun games
Fun games

Play the widest variety of learning games and improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

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Learn any language anytime and anywhere. Enrich your vocabulary on the move and develop your own learning plan.

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Human pronunciations

Improve your pronunciation by learning letters, reading rules, words and phrases.

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Hand-drawn illustrations

Associate the meaning of each word and phrase with a wide range of beautiful illustrations that are easy to remember.

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Review manager

Use our smart review system to revise what you’ve learned and make sure it is stored in your long-term memory.

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Learn faster from your mother tongue

Learn faster from your mother tongue

When it comes to language variety, FunEasyLearn is the obvious choice. We provide 54 mother tongues to help you learn any language quickly and easily. Download the FunEasyLearn app and see how we make language learning fast and education accessible anywhere in the world.

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