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The original interactive app that allows you to learn Italian free, quickly and efficiently.

Easy App

Easy Italian App

Simple, intuitively and elegantly designed, Fun Easy Learn redefines the way Italian is learned as a foreign language. It’s the best choice both for those who learn better visually and for those who are more responsive to auditive learning.

Free Download

Free Download

Learn Italian 6,000 Words app is available totally free of charge. There is no catch and you have unrestricted access to the entire 6,000-word vocabulary. Just click the above Google Play Store – Free Download button.

Extensive Vocabulary

Extensive Italian Vocabulary

Our app avails a vocabulary of 6,000 words for you to learn Italian free. They are not randomly chosen, but carefully selected and logically categorized into more than 140 thematic topics.

4 tuition components

5 Learning Components

For each word, you have the Italian word in print, its professional translation into your native language, word pronunciation, phonetic transcription and an accompanying image illustrating that word in a descriptive manner.

142 Thematic Topics

140 Thematic Topics

While other apps for learning Italian may be restricted to a limited number of thematic topics, our software comprises 140 topics covering a wide range of everyday situations.

3 Difficulty Levels

3 Difficulty Levels

There are 3 levels of difficulty, for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced students. The Beginner level comprises 1,000 words of vocabulary. After mastering these, the Intermediate level unlocks, giving you access to another 2,000 words. Finally, upon completion of the Intermediate level, the Advanced level will unlock with yet a further 3,000 words.

Unique Learning Games

Unique Learning Games

Our learning games are not only unique, but also make language learning a lot of fun. There is a wide variety of games available, ranging from “Vocabulary” to “Match Words”, “Write Word”, “Listen & Choose” and many others.

Spin the Wheel

Spin Categories

Learning Italian is even more fun if you can do so in an entertaining manner. Our app can choose a topic, sub-topic and associated learning game at random by way of a “Spin Categories” feature.

Many Learning Languages

Many Languages

All the words of the app were translated in the following languages: English, Turkish, Korean, Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese etc. So you can choose your native language in order to learn Italian.


Learn 5,000 Phrases app

Learn the most frequently used 5000 Phrases. Cover your travel needs speaking and writing in a language you want. Test your proficiency skills any time, any place. Just complete the missing words, find mistakes in a phrase and make sentences by your own.

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One of the best app on the market

Pavel Biksadsky

I really love it! great for Italian learners!

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Fantastic aplication!

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Great for learning vocabulary.

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Super! I love it! it so easy to learn!

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Michael Thomas

This is a best way to study italiano! I like it l so much.

Sokvan Bahna

Wow! Very good Thanks

Bella Voce

Great free app Lot of content vs other app

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Excellent Learn Italian application! Awesome app



Janet Olaleye

Excellent app. Very helpful to learn Italian to people like me who are beginning with this beautiful language.

Juan Chavez

Superb…..I love it :*

Gabriela Balcescu

Why Learn Italian?

More so than French, Italian can be considered the language of passionate love and romance. Funnily enough, Italian is part of the so-called Romance language group together with French, Spanish, Portuguese and – oddly – Romanian. As a mother tongue it is spoken by approximately 60 million people, while another 14 million or so speak it as a second language. Add to that another 11 million or thereabouts who opted to learn Italian as a foreign language and we get a veritable total of at least 85 million Italian speakers around the world, which without doubt earns Italian the status of a major global language.

Statistical data suggest that Italian is spoken as a first language by some 13 % of EU citizens in Italy and Switzerland, but also by minorities in Malta, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Albania, and even as far away as Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. One also must not overlook the sizeable populations of the descendents of Italian immigrants around the world, primarily in the United States (does New York City’s “Little Italy” ring a bell?) and Canada, but also Australia and various South American countries (especially Argentina). Confronted with these figures, learning Italian certainly is worthwhile, especially for those who often travel to Europe in general and her Italian-speaking part in particular, or if one has business connections with Italian companies.

After all, Italy today is one of the European Union’s largest economies, maintaining both sizeable import and export volumes (and no, not just pasta!). Italian also serves as an excellent “springboard” for learning other Romance languages. It is so similar to Spanish and Portuguese in particular that it is said that the citizens of the three countries have almost no difficulty understanding each other. If you already have picked up Italian, learning Spanish or Portuguese is a breeze.